The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (8/10/17)

The Sunday Refill – 7 Links for Your Weekend (8/10/17)

Seven up…

1) ‘Life Explored’ A Year On – It’s now just over a year since the evangelistic resource, Life Explored, was first released. To mark the occasion the team behind it have put together this digital feature to give some hints and tips on running the course effectively.

2) Peter Adam on Depression – A personal and honest interview with Australian Bible teacher Peter Adam on the depression he has suffered from for most of the past thirty years.

3) Reformation Resources – Church Society have rounded up of some of the best resources on the Reformation (including kids’ materials, videos & articles), as we mark 500 years this month since Martin Luther kick-started it all.

4) Andrew Heard Leadership Masterclass – These three talks by Kiwi pastor Andrew Heard, from a recent FIEC UK conference, are just brilliant, especially given practical leadership isn’t something we often hear teaching on: Clarity in Leadership; Leading an Organisation; Q&A session.

5) The Pointlessness of Vegas Is Its Point – The horrific and brutal loss of life in Las Vegas has filled our screens this past week. Amidst the endless media coverage there has been an endless guessing over the killer’s motive. In this perceptive and frank article Stephen McAlpine suggests that our secular culture is desperate to find a reason for the killing because it can’t face up to the pointlessness of the life it has ‘created’.

6) Why You Should Keep Taking Your Kids To Church Even When It Feels Pointless – For many people, kids + church = disaster/massive effort/stressful Sunday. But nevertheless, stick at it. Here’s why.

7) The Girl Detectives – Fascinating longform piece about a student group at the University of Pittsburgh dedicated to solving crimes. Now I feel bad about being a paid-up member of Neighbours Soc.