The Tuesday Refill – 7 Belated Links for Your Weekend (28/3/17)

The Tuesday Refill – 7 Belated Links for Your Weekend (28/3/17)

Better late than never… perhaps! Here’s last week’s round-up:

1) The tyranny of the moment: Controlling reactions in times of stress – Ruth Baker with a practical piece on how we respond to those moments of sudden stress. I needed this!

2) Easter Assembly Ideas – Some fantastic assembly and lesson ideas for Easter. Quick, make the most of these before school’s out! We should also have our round-up of Easter videos before the week’s up.

3) X-Plan: Giving your kids a way out (#xplan) – An interesting ‘technique’ for helping teenagers feel able to reach out to parents in difficult situations.

4) The Problem of Evil Is a Problem for Everyone – After the horrific events in Westminster last week, there’s an inevitable backlash against those who still hold to a belief in a good God. But this piece by Gavin Ortlund helpfully unpacks why it’s not necessarily easier to be an atheist.

5) The Common (Yet Neglected) Problem of Burnout – The American Christian publisher Crossway has just published the results from a survey they did on burnout in pastoral ministry in this striking infographic, which can also be downloaded for printing. This coincides with the release of their new book on the subject, ReSet, by David Murray. If that interests you, you might also like my review of Christopher Ash’s brilliant little book, Zeal Without Burnout.

6) Five Practical Lessons to Keep Learning To Lead – Simple but easy to forget.

7) “In His Grip”: A Guide to Christian email sign-offs – Because it’s good to be able to laugh at yourself…

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