What Got Read Most Here in 2019…

What Got Read Most Here in 2019…

When you write a blog, it’s always fascinating to see what articles and reviews end up getting read the most!

As ever, it’s always a real mix: some articles are much more popular than I  ever expected; some pieces from years ago end up getting lodged bizarrely high up in Google algorithms; and some posts that I thought would stick evidently haven’t!

So, discounting my annual list of Christmas & Easter videos, as well as the weekly Sunday Refill posts, here’s the most popular posts here in 2019.

Maybe there’s something you missed, but might like to check out?

  1. Tune for Tuesday: Yet Not I But Through Christ in Me
  2. “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience”
  3. Introducing the 2019 Life Audit
  4. From Age to Age: What might the popularity of FaceApp Tell Us About Ourselves
  5. Not Deciding: Leadership Lessons from Band of Brothers
  6. Is this It? by Rachel Jones – A Review
  7. Why we should all be preparing for a Blue Christmas
  8. Review of Life Explored
  9. The Difference between Wounds and Scars
  10. Marie Kondo, Genesis 1, and the Chaos of our Hearts

Thanks for stopping by here in 2019. Look forward to seeing you in 2020!