What Got Read Most Here in 2020

What Got Read Most Here in 2020

When you write a blog, it’s always fascinating to see what articles and reviews end up getting the most hits! Often there’s some real surprises.

Some articles do better than you expect, and others are less popular than you imagined. And there’s always a few entries every year that I wrote years ago but they’ve somehow managed to convince Google’s to stick them at the top of its algorithms.

With a couple of days to go, I’ve been encouraged to see a 13% increase in annual page views compared to 2019 – and we finally broke the 1000 subscribers barrier! Thanks for joining if you were one of them!

I’ve probably reviewed (and unsurprisingly read!) less books this year compared to the year before – a strange result of lockdown life I think. Instead I wrote more one-off articles – as well as starting a monthly App review for Evangelicals Now.

So, discounting my annual list of Christmas & Easter videos, as well as the weekly Sunday Refill posts, here’s the most popular posts here in 2020.

Maybe there’s something you missed, but might like to check out?

  1. Five Images That Might Help As We Share the Gospel in the 2020s
  2. “We do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience”
  3. Not Deciding: Leadership Lessons from Band of Brothers
  4. Tune for Tuesday: Jesus, Strong & Kind by City Alight & Colin Buchanan
  5. Five Reflections from the Bible Society’s Lumino Project
  6. ‘Jesus > Religion’ by Jeff Bethke – A Review
  7. Tune for Tuesday: Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me
  8. App Review: Dwell
  9. ‘When Narcissism Comes to Church’ by Chuck DeGroat – A Review
  10. Facing the Disorientation of Digital Overwhelm

Thanks for stopping by here in 2020. Look forward to seeing you in 2021!